Building the Finance Function of the Future 

How technology could transform the work of your finance team this year

We’ve been asking some of the smartest people in finance about the changes that could radically transform your work in 2024. 

Those insights are collected in a guide called Change Is Coming: 7 Key Trends in Finance Software You Need to Know About. In this webinar, brought to you by iplicit, Lightyear, and AAB, you’ll hear about some of them.

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Head of Virtual Function at AAB, Lauren McIlroy keeps up to date with developments in business software and applies them in the real world.

Lauren joins iplicit and Lightyear to show how the work of a finance team can be drastically simplified by making full use of technology – saving staff time and allowing humans to concentrate on what they do best.

“There is a massive change coming. That bottom 10-15% of transactional work will all of a sudden just be done and won’t need checking.” – Lauren McIlroy, AAB

The software developments you need to know about in 2024

Organisations that make the best use of technology in their finance departments will enjoy an ever-bigger advantage over those that don’t. 
That is among the themes of iplicit’s guide Change Is Coming: 7 Key Trends in Finance Software You Need to Know About. 


  • Paul Sparkes, Commercial Director at iplicit;
  • Lauren McIlroy, partner and Head of Virtual Finance Function at AAB;
  • Kenny Galloway, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Lightyear.


  • AI. It’s talked about all the time, but we’ll discuss what it will actually do… and what it’s doing already.
  • Automation. How it could eliminate up to 85% of the work that goes into monthly finance processing tasks such as accounts payable, approval workflows, bank reconciliation and more.
  • Integration: How better communication between systems software can do away with tedious and error-prone rekeying of information – and give you a single source of truth.
  • And how embracing technology can allow your team more time to spend on the tasks that add real value to the business and drive better decisions.

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Paul Sparkes iplicit

Paul Sparkes

Commercial Director,

Commercial Director for cloud-native accounting software business iplicit, Paul is a respected and well-known software industry professional with 35 years of experience in accounting and business software, helping thousands of organisations through specialist, tech-based consultancy.

Previously with IRIS, One Advanced, and Exchequer Software.

Kenny Galloway Lightyear v2
Guest Speaker

Kenny Galloway

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Lightyear

Kenny has spent over a decade involved in the RevOps function, helping businesses to scale and grow.

Having worked for small tech companies and large corporations he brings a wealth of experience that helps to drive positive outcomes for all parties involved.

More recently as the Head of Strategic Partnerships for Lightyear he has been focused on developing and growing a vast ecosystem of partners within the Fintech space.

Lauren McIlroy AAB-1
Guest Speaker

Lauren McIlroy

Head of Virtual Finance Function, AAB

Lauren McIlroy is AAB's Virtual Finance Function Partner. She specialises in running virtual finance functions for companies that have a limited or no internal finance function. 

Based in their Edinburgh office, Lauren works extensively with large corporates, international groups and AIM listed companies providing everything a business needs from a finance function.