LIVE WEBINAR - Thursday 2nd May, 11am

Migrating from Exchequer 

Discover how iplicit can make moving from Exchequer a straightforward process.

Like many, you may think that migrating from Exchequer will be an indigestible task. A real challenge you’d sooner not face. But the question is just how long can you put up with the limitations of your current system and the resulting impact on the performance of your organisation?

Join us on Thursday, 2nd May, at 11am when we will demystify the process and show you how straightforward it can be for you.

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Practical advice

Migrating is often perceived as a major barrier to change....

The good news is that it’s not as bad as you think; at iplicit, we’ve made a significant investment into developing a system that makes data migration a quick and seamless process. 

We successfully helped over 400 organisations, and 10,000 Exchequer users transition to a modern true-cloud accounting solution and begin reaping the benefits. 

Discover how iplicit has successfully guided hundreds of organisations through the migration from their old Exchequer software. Learn how we can get you up and running in weeks, unlike the months typically offered by competitors.

Join us on Thursday 2nd May when we'll explore:

  • Our intuitive browser interface - providing effortless cloud navigation
  • How to unlock deeper insights with limitless GL analysis levels
  • GL data as never before with our customisable Tree View.
  • How to save hours every week with Automated Bank Rec
  • The time-saving advantages of iplicit’s accounts payable (AP) automation
  • Maintaining control and preventing costly errors with our configurable workflow functionality
  • Gaining a comprehensive view of your data with our Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools
  • The next generation of Office365 integration, including Excel Add-ins
  • How we can seamlessly migrate your data from Exchequer to iplicit, and archive years of historical data, without the need for a costly right-to-use license 


Hear from a recent Exchequer to iplicit switcher 

“Looking back, our upgrade to your cloud system was pretty much pain-free. We’ve had four accounting systems over the past 30 years and no migration was ever as smooth or as quick as the experience we had with iplicit.”

Ian Newman, Director, at Corrotherm International, having switched from Exchequer to iplicit