Managing grants and funds for your growing MAT 

As any MAT finance team will know, managing, tracking, and reporting on multiple grants and funds can be a complex and challenging task.

But it’s a job that’s essential for achieving growth and mission-critical success. The various streams of funding available for core costs, capital projects, and MAT growth can be complex to navigate.

And since DfE money comes with 37 pages of terms and conditions attached, you need the highest standards of financial management to report and monitor your spending to the government’s satisfaction.


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Take financial control of your MATs grants and projects....

Switching to a modern cloud-based finance system can help you streamline your grant management processes and allow your finance team to spend less time chasing costs, analysing projects, correcting errors, or compiling reports. Freeing them up to spend time and effort on higher-value mission-driven tasks.

iplicit was designed with the needs of Multi-Academy Trusts in mind. Its grant and funding accounting capabilities and its unlimited number of accounting dimensions allow for powerful analysis and reporting.

In this webinar we will cover:
Grant Management Essentials:
  • How can a finance system help with Grant Management and best practices for grant management in educational institutions?
  • Showcase how iplicit streamlines the process of grant tracking and reporting.
  • Demonstrate how iplicit helps in generating accurate and detailed grant-related financial reports.
Fund Accounting with iplicit
  • Fund types specific to schools and academies.
  • Segregation of funds and maintaining clear accountability.
  • Walkthrough on how iplicit simplifies fund accounting for schools.
  • Illustrate how the system handles different funds, including restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • Reporting capabilities tailored to fund accounting needs.
Integration and Automation:
  • Discuss how iplicit integrates with other systems or data sources for comprehensive financial management.
  • Showcase automation features that save time and reduce manual errors in grant management and fund accounting.
Compliance and Reporting:
  • How iplicit aids in maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Grant and Fund reporting functionalities that cater specifically to compliance needs.


See for yourself why iplicit has been awarded Mid-Market & Enterprise Software of the year for two years running.

“iplicit will allow us to grow as a MAT as it offers much more from the system. “The setup process and training received gives us the confidence that all finance staff and other staff will have the ability to quickly adapt to the new system and see these time savings and reports from implementation.

Julie Cragg, Trust Finance Manager, at Rochdale-based Hollingworth Learning Trust, which has moved from Sage to iplicit.

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