How to drive business growth from within the finance function

Don’t let a lack of data visibility impede your organisation’s growth. Modern finance systems enable your finance team and the wider business to access key financial data in the right format, fast. Removing the manual work so the finance team is freed up to spot opportunities to become more profitable, will be invaluable if you want to grow faster. 

We are joined by Narinder Uppal, Finance Director of The Recruitment Group. He will share why bringing in iplicit is the best thing he's ever done in terms of giving them group-wide visibility and efficiencies through workflow automation, consolidation and intercompany management tools.

In addition, discover why companies that outgrow other finance systems move to iplicit, an award-winning alternative to the traditional ERPs on the market, with enterprise-level functionality and advanced analysis and reporting capabilities.

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Finance Reporting Webinar

We'll show you how you can:

In this 30-minute webinar, we cover the key tools that will enable you to make fast and more informed decisions to facilitate growth. 

Our webinar will cover:

  • How better Business Intelligence will help you grow
  • The FD of The Recruitment Group shares their digital finance transformation case study
  • Tools to free up your finance team by one week a month:
    • Advanced workflows and approvals
    • Automated billing and revenue recognition 
    • Intercompany management
    • Multicurrency and multi-entity consolidation
    • Flexible multi-dimensional reporting
  • API & systems integration - work smarter, not harder


A recent customer who switched to iplicit after reviewing the traditional ERP solutions on the market...

“The final two contenders were NetSuite and iplicit and, from a functional perspective, I don’t think there was much in it… However, we chose iplicit based on the first first-hand experience we’d had with various staff members during the consideration phase; above all the other software vendors we’d spoken with, iplicit stood out as the company that would go the extra mile and put the customer first.”

Jon Anton, Consulting Director at EPM Bus Solutions