The 7 benefits of true cloud finance software for non-profit organisations

A comprehensive guide for finance professionals in the non-profit and charity sector


Discover if cloud is the right step for your non-profit organisation

Guide Cover - 7 Benefits of True Cloud Finance Software for Non-Profit Organisations

Digital transformation is only headed in one direction...

And that's straight up into the cloud!

Over 40% of charities and nonprofit organisations have had to increase their use of remote work since the pandemic. Combined with the fact that you operate on a national or international level, your organisation's efficiency, productivity, and compliance are likely to suffer if your finance solution doesn't support cloud functionality. 

By downloading this guide for non-profits you will learn...
  • Jargon Busting the difference between terms like on-premise, true cloud and fake cloud
  • The 7 benefits of true cloud finance software for nonprofits
  • Why true cloud software is the future for finance departments within nonprofit organisations
  • Why iplicit is the accounting software of choice for organisations like yours